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Dziwnowek – area information
Dziwnowek – area information
In the center, on the main road leading to Dziwnowa and Międzyzdroje, there is a metal grille lighthouse, which is currently run a gift shop, and a few years ago there was a coffee shop. Originally, in the 70s, was located in Kamien Pomorski. It was built there by a dairy Cities Tournament, organized by the Municipality telewizję.Władze Dziwnow commissioned to transport her Dziwnówek and functioned as a kiosk, which sold dairy products. Then was purchased by private individuals. With the passage of time has become the hallmark of this city. Appears in almost all the tourist guidebooks and postcards with Dziwnówek.

From Dziwnówek to Kamień Pomorksi is 7 km. In Kamien there is a Cathedral, the museum of stones, dock marina. Also nearby are Dziwnow, Międzyzdroje, Swinoujscie, Pobierowo, Rewal, Niechorze, Pogorzelica. In Dziwnówek at bay Wrzosowska you can hire a pedalo or board serfingową – there is board swim school.

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